Stability Discs

The Stability Disc is a functional piece of fitness equipment that can enhance and increase the intensity of many exercises while being the sole training platform for training core muscles and strengthening ankle and knee joints. Also commonly known as a Stability Pod or Balance Pod, these simple air filled plastic discs are excellent for training all aspects of balance and coordination.

Stability Discs are light and extremely portable, ideal for our Mobile Personal Trainers. Using the Stability Discs enables our trainers to add variety, increase intensity and expand exercise possibilities with one simple piece of kit. 


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Resistance Bands & Tubes

Resistance bands and tubes are one of the most basic and simple exercise tools on the market, they are extremely effective and can be used with a wide variety of exercises, they range in resistance and type making them adaptable to clients needs.

It’s a no brianer that our trainers love bands and tubes, super light making them highly portable yet highly effective.


There are various type of resistance bands and tubes we use, which are;


What is the consultation?

Your mobile personal training consultation with Kiss Fitness is the starting point of both engaging in our services and meeting your personal trainer, discussing your goals and what you’d like to achive from personal training, whether that is to lose weight, drop a dress size, improove health or train for a marathon or something else. The mobie consultation includes a FREE Health MOT Assesment to get an overview of where you are now, this helps your trainer plan your journey to your ultimate goal and gives you your starting point.

What happens at the consultation?

Introduction and Health Checks

The consultation will  normally last no more than an hour, there are no fitness assessments of physical activity in the consultation only some basic health assessments which comprise our FREE Health MOT for which you’ll receive a full report on the findings and a unique score. Your trainer will complete some pre-screening check known as the Pre-Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PARQ), this is an industry standard check to ensure you are safe to exercise and follow a structured exercise programme.

Lifestyle Analysis

Your trainer will asks questions to understand your current exercise and eating habbits, exercise history, current level of fitness and exercise limitations, this will help the trainer plan your journey towards you goal should you decide to continue with perosnal training.

Health MOT Assessment

The Kiss Fitness Health MOT is a health assessment on your overall health, it’s designed to ascertain your current health and wellness and any health risks to common health conditions such as type 2 diabetes,and heart disease. Your trainer will provide you will a free Health MOT Report on the findings together with a unique score which can be used against future Health MOT Assessments to compare progress.

What happens after the consultation?

If you have chosen you want to reach the goals outlined at the consultation, your trainer will be busy building you a suitable training plan that will deliver those results within your time frame. 

  • regardless if you undertake our services or not we will provide you with a Full Health MOT Report from the trainers assessment & questions at the consultation.

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Punch Pads & Boxing Gloves

Punch pads are excellent for releasing tension and getting a fantastic aerobic and functional workout that will seriously engage your core. Using punch pads and gloves your trainer can teach and take you through simple and advanced routines for an all over body workout.

Simple yet highley effective, focus pads and gloves are light and portabable yet provide a dynamic functional workout that burns carloies, improoves hand eye cordination and is great fun.No brainer why it’s in our Mobile Personal Trainers toolbox.

BOSU Balance Trainer

Today, BOSU’s are used by fitness professionals and enthusiasts all over the globe as an innovative approach to functional training, expanding so many existing exercises into dynamic and progressive exercises that expand movement capabilities.

It might look like half a Fitness Ball, but it’s highly effective at functional training., that’s why it great for Mobile Personal Training. Although it’s not the smallest thing to carry around it portable enough to bring to clients homes and very little space is needed for a good workout. It’s defiantly one of our trainer’s favourite bits of kit.


The BOSU® Balance Trainer was first introduced into the fitness industry in the year 2000, invented by David Weck creating huge excitement and interest from the fitness industry, the product became one of the most successful fitness training products in the world. The product came about after David was experiencing the chronic back pain of which sometimes was debilitating, David was looking for a solution and came up with the dome-shaped training aid known today as the BOSU® Balance Trainer that enabled him to eliminate his lower back pain and see improvements in both his physical and mental well-being. The name BOSU® originally an acronym for ‘Both Sides Up’ because of the fact that anyone could use the BOSU® Balance Trainer on either of its sides, the flat side and the dome-shaped side. The product has since evolved to form an integral part of its exercise environment and training methods and is now more common to hear the acronym ‘Both Sides Utilized’. This goes beyond the realms of the product and into the world of fitness breaking through traditional training boundaries to become a form of functional training in its own right. This is perfectly depicted in the quote below from the official BOSU® Fitness website (;

“BOSU® – “Both Sides Utilized” – is how the human body is designed to move and function most efficiently. Alternating Bilateral Coordination of both sides of the body is the common thread in Crawling, Walking, and Running (fundamental to humanity). The hips, legs & feet work opposite the shoulders, arms & hands in a balanced “equal and opposite” relationship.”

The BOSU Balance Trainer

Effectively and simply the BOSU® Balance Trainer is a Fitness Ball cut in half and glued to a round piece of plastic but scientifically it is much more, much more indeed. The BOSU® is constructed from high durability materials featuring a rubber dome bladder with a weight of 8 pounds, and a dually over-molded platform for extra strength. It has a smooth, non-skid, and non-marking base.

You can pick one of these up online from £80-£130 depending on the model, be warned, there are cheaper alternatives on the market. We’re not saying they are not as good as a BOSU, they are just not what our trainers choose to use. 

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Fitness Ball

OK, so you might not know it as a Fitness Ball and that’s most likely because this round ball constructed from elastic and PVC has a whole bunch of names, these names are normally specific to the intended use of the ball, it is however commonly called a Swiss Ball.

The Fitness Ball comes in a variety of sizes to suit the user and can be used for a whole bunch of exercises, from core exercises to progression of traditional exercises using an unstable base. The versatility of the Fitness Ball means it’s popular with Kiss Fitness Personal Trainers, lighthouse not as easy to carry around. The benefits of using the ball far outweigh it’s inconvenience of portability, our personal trainer love to use the fitness ball to challenge their clients.

The Fitness Ball or….

Swiss Ball, Birth Ball, Gym Ball, Gymnastics Ball, Physiotherapy Ball, Stability Ball, Sport Ball, Swedish Ball, Physio Ball, Therapy Ball, Yoga Ball, Pezzi Ball and I’m sure there are also many more weird and wonderful names.

Fitness Balls come in different sizes to ensure the correct size for each participant (Read our article, What Size Fitness Ball Do I Need?), the sizes available are normally, 45cm, 55cm, 65cm and 75cm diameter balls.


So how did every gym, health club & personal trainer end up using Fitness Balls for group exercise classes, personal training and fitness exercises? Well lets work backwards for a change, the Fitness Ball was first introduced to the fitness industry in the 1990’s, the concept and product was brought about by Americans that had discovered and witnessed it’s use by a British physiotherapist called ‘Mary Quinton’ which at the time was working in Switzerland. Despite its original name the ‘Swiss Ball’ was actually invented by an Italian toy maker (Aquilino Cosani) in the early 1960’s, these were basically large puncture resistant balls known as ‘Pezzi Balls’. Today there are many manufactures of Fitness Balls and still calling them a variety of interesting names but essentially they are all the same.

Reebok Step

The Reebok Step is a very simple piece of training kit which revolutionised the group exercise industry in the late 90’s when Gin Miller introduced step aerobics for group exercise, a class combining dance based choreography for a fun, innovative and highly effective workout routine. During the 90’s, step classes across the UK and the world was a massive hit introducing many new people to “group exercise” and “keep fit” style classes.

The step is less portable than other items in our personal trainers tool kit, however it’s simple and enables a huge range of exercises not possible without the step. Personal Trainers can deliver a full body resistance and cardio workout using just the step.


The step is an excellent piece of kit, it can be used to perform stand alone exercise featuring complex movements such as step ups and lunges. It can be used for cardio training and to enhance and add variation to exercises such as the plank and press ups plus many many more.

What is the TRX Suspension Trainer?

For many, the TRX Suspension Trainer might be new to you and this might be the first time you have herd of it, well lets introduce this invaluable piece of kit, it was born in the US military driven through the need for marines to be able to continue to train while in war zones or held up in safe houses.

The piece of kit that the founder of this product ‘Randy Hetrick’ and his team had produced enabled them to train anywhere, therefore enabling to stay in shape and fit for their roles as US Navy Seals. The product has been much refined since it’s early days when it was just some lengths of parachute webbing stitched together. Today TRX Suspension Trainer’s are at the forefront of fitness innovation providing a cost effective tool that can be used in so many locations and using only body weight for an all over body workout. It;s no wonder it has been so popular with personal trainers across the globe.


Features Include

  • 1½” industrial-grade nylon webbing.
  • Rated tensile strength to 1,250 lbs
  • Sewn with heavy-gauge bonded nylon thread; double-stitched for strength and durability
  • Adjustable non-slip CAM buckles rated to 1,250 lbs. each
  • Club-grade grips and integrated foot cradles with neoprene padding for comfort and traction
  • Sturdy carabineer with locking tooth to ensure safe training for the most demanding users
  • Adjusts from 6′ to 12′ in length to accommodate users of all sizes and abilities
  • Weight 1.79 lbs

Training Benefits

  • Quick & Effective
  • Easy to set up
  • Suitable for all ability and fitness levels (intensity easily adjusted)
  • Workout anywhere

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