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Great Results from a 20 minute workout

Ever heard the excuse ‘I don’t have the time’ or said it yourself? Well you’ve probably heard that you should also spend at least an hour in the gym or working out, I’m not sure why people give themselves a time when they should be evaluating their workout by what they do and achieve, not how long they work out for or the time they spend in the gym!

Time is our greatest asset so we must make time for things we like and want to do, that means making time to workout, if you are duly motivated to do so. The problem is, it’s not always easy to find an hour to go and workout. Well, it’s time to try 20 minute workouts, you can achieve a great deal in 20 minutes provided you have a clear plan. 

I’d always do 20 minute workouts, it stemmed from when I was working at gym’s and only had half an hour for my lunch but wanted a workout so crammed in one muscle area into one workout, that’s 20 minutes on one muscle or muscle group. This can lead to great gains and has many advantages;

  • Workouts are much shorter
  • You can workout everyday of the week
  • Gains will be high due to intensity of workouts
  • You won’t get bored


Where to Start

Plan, Plan, Plan, it’s no good just going to workout be it, at home or your local gym and saying I’m going to workout, you’re now on a deadline. There is no time for fiddling with your ipod, talking to other people and admiring the view out the window. Plan your workout, write down all the exercises you want to do, likely in supersets, tri-sets or another high intensity training technique to maximise gains in a short time. 

Be methodical and get each one down, keep a log, you’ll thank yourself later. It’s possible to achieve failure in a short 20 minute workout which is about as hard as you can work so why work anymore. If you get to this point you might as well stop.

You still need to warm up

Just because it’s a 20 minute warm up doesn’t mean you don’t need to warm up, you do, but it’s going to be short and specific, you only need to dynamically stretching, warm up and mobilise areas you are going to work. Include movements of exercise you are going to do with lighter weights as a warm up. E.g if you are going to be doing biceps curls, then perform biceps curls with a lighter weight for a minute or so, this will be sufficient to lubricate the elbow joint and prepare the muscle for the movement they are about to undertake at a heavy weight.

Which muscle groups?

Break them down as much as needed depending on how often you plan to workout, if you plan on doing 3 x 20 minute workouts a week then combine several areas or if you plan on working 5 or 6 days a week you could easily break in to down to single muscles/areas.

Some examples:

  • Back & Biceps
  • Chest & Triceps
  • Legs
  • Shoulders & Lats
  • Core

You could always break it down to one muscle group and just do for example BICEPS, work them to failure and your done.

Condense your workout, maximise results and save time.