Are your Personal Trainers insured

Are your personal trainers insured?
Absolutely, We take safety very seriously and all our trainers are insured for persona liability up to £5,000,000 and are fully insured to run & teach classes in which they hold the relevant qualifications.

Our trainers operate professionally and adhere to the REP’s Code of Ethical Conduct

Are your Personal Trainers Qualified?

Are your Personal Trainers Qualified?
All our personal trainers hold a Personal Trainer qualification recognized by the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS) at Level 3, they also keep up to date with Continuing Professional Development (CPD) as required by REPS in order to remain of the exercise professionals register each year, this involves additional courses & workshops. Some of our trainers also have specific exercise & equipment qualifications which allows them to specialize in certain areas of exercise & performance coaching, additionally our trainers also have sport coaching backgrounds & qualifications.

You can check any Personal Trainers qualifications who are registered with REPS on the Registrars website (all good personal trainer are, if not – beware) – Check Now

How do I arrange a FREE Personal Training Consultation

All Kiss Fitness personal trainers offer a FREE consultation, if you are interested and would like to arrange one with a local personal trainer simply click here to ‘Request a Consultation’.

What happens next?

One of our local personal trainers will contact you to arrange your consultation, if you would like more information about the consultation – click here