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Why do I need to complete a PARQ form?

Required before starting personal training or participating in a group exercise session.

Check List PARQ Form

The PARQ Form (Pre-Activity Readiness Questionnaire) is a health screening document designed for individuals about to take part in physical activity. The questionnaire will identify health issues and recent injuries, illness, ailments and cardiovascular conditions that require the attention of your trainer, gym or fitness establishment before taking part in demanding physical training. 

The PARQ form is a quick and effective way of screening clients and customers about to participate in physical activity of any kind to ensure you are safely able to take part without risk to yourself. The PARQ has been an industry standard for ensuring individuals are safe to participate in a physical training programme. The role of this form and screening process is not necessarily diagnostic but instead assessing risk.


Your trainer will need to know if there are any reasons why you should not take part in physical activity, this will enable the trainer to provide alternatives where required or perhaps check you have your inhaler with you. Kiss Fitness Personal trainers and instructors are not medical professionals, and if you respond negatively to a question on the form, it’s likely you’ll be referred to your local GP. Although this can be annoying, it’s common practice, and in 90% of cases, you’ll be cleared to continue. 

Remember this form is a legal document, and you should answer the questions honestly, the trainer is following good practice by asking you to complete and checking the form. You should always answer honestly and to the best of your knowledge.

The PARQ form is mandatory before taking part in any form of physical activity with Kiss Fitness.

DOWNLOAD The Kiss Fitness PARQ Form below

{rsfiles path=”Kiss Fitness Forms/Kiss-Fitness-PARQ-Single-Page.pdf”}

The objective of the PARQ Form

  • Helps to identify the apparently healthy individual
  • Assists in identifying persons who need special attention or who should not be exercising until they obtain written clearance form their doctor.
  • Assists the trainer in determining where the client is now and their wants and needs.
  • Helps the trainer become more familiar with the client’s physical capabilities.
  • Information on the PARQ form is essential is the safe design of a training programme and assists the trainer in designing an appropriate programme for the client.

Why have you been referred to a GP?

If you’ve been referred to your GP after completing a PARQ form, then this will be due to a positive response to critical health or background questions on the PARQ form. We split our PARQ into two sections, medical questions & health history. A yes to the first six questions (Medical Questions) on the PARQ form will generally result in a referral to your GP. However, a YES response to questions 7 to 13 (Health History) depending on the circumstances of each question will not typically require GP consent.

Below is the policy for all Kiss Fitness Personal Trainers & Instructors on advising the client after completing a PARQ form. PLEASE NOTE: Health & Fitness establishments and personal trainers often have their own set of standards for PARQ responses and ours may differ.

Action Required for YES Responses to Medical Questions

  • Heart problems? Refer to GP

  • Circulatory problems? Refer to GP

  • Blood pressure problems? Check blood pressure

    • If blood pressure is lower than 160/95 mmHg (no referral is necessary)

    • If blood pressure is between 140/90 and 160/95 (CV only and Advise to see Doctor)

    • If blood pressure is between 160/95 and 180/100 (accept on GP referral programme only)

    • If blood pressure is 180/100 or higher (will not be accepted)

  • Joint, movement problems? Refer to GP

  • Feel dizzy or imbalance during exercise? Refer to GP

  • Currently pregnant or recently given birth? Ask more questions about pregnancy/birth:

    • If pregnant and after the first three months (no referral is necessary)

    • If pregnant, within the first three months and was exercising regularly before becoming pregnant (no referral is required)

    • If pregnant within the first three months and not already exercising regularly (refer to GP)

    • If had a natural birth less than six weeks ago (refer to GP)

    • If had caesarean section less than ten weeks ago (refer to GP)

Action Required for YES Responses to Health History Questions

  1. Back/spinal pain? Find out limiting factors, i.e. movement and pain (If in doubt refer to GP)

  2. Headaches or migraines? (Be aware that people who suffer from headaches on a regular basis may develop a headache caused by exercise while exercising)

  3. Have you recently had surgery? (if significant surgery was in the last six months or if in doubt, refer to GP)

  4. Currently being prescribed medication? (Find out more information about medicine and possible side affects, if in doubt refer to GP)

  5. Recently finished a course of medication? (check medication taken, if in doubt refer to GP)

  6. Diabetes? (Not a limiting factor but will need to be aware of the condition, encourage them to carry a snack and ideally, they should take their blood sugar level before and after exercise. Best not to exercise if their level is too low or too high immediately before exercising. Ensure the client drinks plenty of water before, during and after exercise. If in doubt, refer to GP)

  7. Asthma or breathing problems? (If the inhaler is required, ensure they have it with them at all sessions, no referral normally required)

  • GP – General Practitioner (Local Doctor)
  • PARQ Pre-Activity Readiness Questionnaire 

Can I train with a friend?

Can I train with a friend?
Absoulutly, exercise is great fun with a friend! Training with a friend is a great way to motivate each other to reach your goals and with the help of our trainers you can be assured of fun. varied, challenging and progressive workouts. 

1 to 2 ratio personal training is classed as semi-private and ensures you both receive the attention required to reach your goals. Find out more about 1 to 2 personal trainers for training with your friends, spouse on our personal training pages


How can I check my trainers qualifications?

REPS Website

Rest assured all Kiss Fitness Personal Trainer are professional & qualified

We check all our trainers to ensure they meet our standards and meet the minimum qualification requirement at REP level 3. All our personal trainer hold a personal training qualification which is recognised by the Register of Exercise Professionals at level 3. This is the minimum to be able to safely deliver professional personal training sessions. 

You can check for yourself too

The Register of Exercise Professionals requires proof from those that register that they hold the qualifications required to join the register at the desired level. Visit the REPS website and enter the trainers REPS Number, the REPS number for all Kiss Fitness personal trainers is displayed on the side bar of their personal profile website.



Do you have female personal trainers?

Do you have female personal trainers
We do have female personal trainers and we try to have a female trainer operating in each active service area, however this is not always possible due to specific demand from a certain service area and in busy locations our female trainers are frequently requested and often fully booked.

If you request a female trainer we will check their availability and advise you if they are available, if not we will offer our male trainer for the area.

Check our service areas to find a trainer near you 

Do I have to have a consultation?

Do I have to have a consultation?
Yes, you will be expected to take up the free consultation prior to starting personal training. We believe that this process is essential in providing a high quality personal service that will deliver results. We don’t believe a personal trainer should engage in personal training without first knowing the full health, exercise, lifestyle & nutritional background of their client.

For these reasons the free consultation provided by all Kiss Fitness personal trainers is mandatory prior to commencing your personal training journey.

For more information please see this help article “What is the consultation?”