How do I unsubscribe from your Email list?

We send informative & promotional emails & newsletters about our products & services, if you are receiving Emails from Kiss Fitness and wish to unsubscribe then you can certainly do that. The easiest way is directly via the email itself. Scroll down to the bottom of the email communication & click UNSUBSCRIBE.


Contact preferences includes text messages can be turn on or off via your Kiss Fitness account. Sign in to you online Kiss Fitness account and navigate to profile, here you will be able to select your contact preferences.

Why does your number start “05”

Our main office number is an IP phone meaning it is connected to the internet rather than a conventional phone line, we accept & make calls to conventional landline numbers as normal. The “05” is the prefix for internet based phone numbers.


Calls made to this number are charged as if you called a local number from a BT landeline, calls from mobiles will vary & cost more!