Watch Video Guides

Always know what to do

See video demonstrations of exercises in your workout plan, no guess work. Check your technique on the go with exercise demonstrated by our very own personal trainers.

Take it with you

Your not stuck to the desktop, take video demos with you to the gym or wherever and if you need help, just contact your trainer.

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Track your progress

Graphical view of stats and workout progress

Track you body stats including BMI & body measurements plus compare workouts with the workout tracker. 

Add your own progress photo’s

Sometimes it’s hard to see your progress until you take progress photo’s of your efforts. 

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Workout Schedule

Workouts Scheduled

Your workouts are scheduled by your personal trainer, get reminders and track workouts. Constant feedback with your trainer so adjustments can be made to suit you and your goals.

Add Your Own Workouts

Track workouts not in the plan, add extra cardio or extra workouts to your calender

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Who will train me?

Real trainers, Real Results!

You’ll be trained by one of our mobile personal trainers, our trainers provide both online and in person mobile personal training, they are the real deal. Not someone who can’t be vetted behind a computer screen. All our trainers are qualified to REPS Level 3. Our trainers have both real life and online clients so you know you are getting a real life trainer! 

Is online personal training for me?

Perhaps you’ve already heard of Online Personal Training often referred to as Virtual Personal training however we dislike the ‘virtual’ term as really, you’re getting a real life trainer who is actively practicing with real life clients.

You could already be training, perhaps not getting all the help you need at your gym and want some professional guidance, or maybe you’re not hitting your goals and need a push to get you ready for your next run or event. If you’re a complete beginner then you too are in good hands, we can get you started on suitable exercises that you can do in your own home and with very little or no equipment

Online Personal Training provides the systems, accountability and expert training plans to allow you to reach your goals however, ultimately it will be down to you, to get the workouts done and take on board the advice given to you by your trainer. If you can do this, you can absolutely get results with Online Personal Training.

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