Want to burn more calories? Get up earlier!

Most people would like to lose a few pounds and it really comes down to lifestyle, those that are able to manage their weight have a better and more productive lifestyle than those that struggle! Lifestyle is the activities we do, the things we do, and the food choices we make. Hands down one of the best ways to manage weight issues is to become more active and more than that its about training your metabolism to fire up earlier, to do that you’re going to need to get up & eat!. Yes eat!


No I’m not talking about a midnight snack of chocolate & crisps! As soon as we are up and about our energy systems fire up, yet until we have something to eat our metabolism won’t truly fire up. If you get up early but miss out breakfast, you’re missing an opportunity! 

If you get up an hour earlier every day, you’ll be burning more calories and having an early breakfast will kick start your metabolism, you’ll have more go and feel less tired. Not to mention you’ll also be on time for work! Add it up that’s 6-7 hours every week extra activity! That’s a lot and it can make a big difference.

Remember metabolism only works when you eat and when you move, to keep it high you need to do both! This is where most dieters have huge problems, as they simply reduce calories and reduce frequency. This has the reverse effect, actually slowing metabolism and burning less calories, so get up, have breakfast and get moving. Simple!

You don’t need to be superwomen to exercise!

Do you believe every fitness & group exercise session is full off super slim athletic women that know all the exercises perfectly? Well you’d be with the majority if you did. Many have a perception that at any group exercise session the room will be full of ‘Superwomen’ and through self conciousness actively decide this is not something for them. 

This explains why many people choose a niche session where they know many people in that session will be similar to them with similar goals such as ‘Over 50’s sessions, pre & post natal sessions and many others, these sessions are great as the session can be designed more accurately towards the clients goals. But what if you don’t fall into one of these niche’s? Do you just not exercise?

Well off course the answer is no, but we need to understand that there are many reasons why people exercise and actually, losing weight is only ONE of them! If you believe everyone in a group exercise session is only there to become Superwomen, you’re going to be very self concious about attending one. You’ll be intimidated by shapes & sizes not like your own.

The reasons for people attending a group exercise session go much further than just ‘losing weight’ these include;

  • To feel in good shape physically
  • To improve or maintain health
  • To feel a sense of achievement
  • To get out of doors
  • To have fun
  • To relax and forget about your cares
  • To feel independent
  • To get together & meet new people

Oh, and; To lose or control weight

Don’t assume everyone joins a group exercise programme for the same reason.

With a whole bunch of reasons why women actually choose to take part in regular exercise, be it with a  personal trainer, at a local group exercise session or at a gym, there’s really no need to feel self concious and you certainly don’t need to be superwomen to start you just have to start and then maybe, you’ll become superwomen!

Here’s a little quote from our Motivational Pinterest Board

Get out and find a local group exercise session near you, be it with us at Kiss Fitness or one of the many thousands of fitness professionals running group exercise sessions across the country. We want you to be more active, more often and we want you to start today, what are you waiting for?

The 300 Workout

You would have done well not to have heard of the infamous 300 workout, many websites have submitted their claims to the workout and many have even charged for the privilege.

Every fitness site on the web has a take on the 300 workout, the so called workout that the actors from the movie 300 undertook to get into shape and get that 300 physique. It would be nice to think that these actors undertook the workout ‘X’ times per week and this was the only workout they used to achieve their classic physique. However, this is unlikely due to the size of the workout, the workout is hard and it would be ineffective and near impossible to perform this on a regular basis. It’s called the 300 workout as that is the total amount of reps that are performed during the entire workout. All these exercise and reps are performed consecutively with little or no rest, a massive super-set if you like or a large circuit with no rest, either way it sounds tough.


What you’ll need

To complete this workout, you will need access to a gym or have the follwing equipment.

Do you have what it takes?

The Workout 

Ok, so let’s have a look at this workout, we already know that it consists of 300 repetition’s, but repetitions of what? Well here they are…

  • 25 x Pull Ups
  • 50 x Deadlift @ 135lbs (61.24Kg)
  • 50 x Press Up
  • 50 x Box Jump @ 24 inches
  • 50 x Floor Wiper @ 135lbs for one-count (61.24Kg)
  • 50 x KB Clean and Press @ 36lbs (KB must touch floor between reps (16.33Kg)
  • 25 x Pull Ups

300 reps total

Wow, that’s a lot!

Can you imagine doing this on a regular basis? I doubt it. As per the rules of the workout it was performed in succession with no or limited rest between exercises with the aim to complete the workout in the quickest time possible. Sound more like a test? Yep, sure does sound like a test. It was in fact that, a test. This was actually the pinnacle of the actors training, a test that most of the actors would only be able to complete after months of training and even then some did not complete it. 

So with this in mind as far as the workout goes, it’s perhaps not a workout but an extreme test following months of well planned training The team responsible for the training of these actors transforming them from Hollywood stars into highly authentic Protagonist’s using basic training techniques and equipment including kettlebells, medicine balls and rings to achieve their goal of making the cast of ‘300’ look like genuine warriors living off the land. This team is known as ‘Gym Jones’ and you can read the article by ‘Mark Twight on exactly how they performed this awesome feet and details of their elusive training routines