#StepitUP Exercise Challenge June 2014

Lighter evenings and longer days give us more time to take in our beautiful surroundings and explore a little more. This month’s Kiss Fitness exercise challenge is going to help us be more active by walking more & taking more steps. Get outside and enjoy the longer days with our June step challenge.

Now, you might have guessed already but to take part in this challenge you’ll need a pedometer. The good news is they are quite cheap, so bag yourself a cheap pedometer, get stepping and join in with our challenge.


Head over to Amazon and search for a cheap Pedometer

Alternative go the whole nine yards with a Fitbit

The Challenge

Each day during June, we’ll be increasing the amount of steps we do slowly but surely from a low 2500 to a very active 12000 by the end of the month. Check the target each day and hit that goal, you’ll need to start finding more ways to be active suck as parking further away from your destination, walking when ever you can and taking the stairs
Check out our blog post on why counting steps is better than counting calories for further inspiration.

Target Guide

Download, print off and keep the guide handy, pin it too your fridge and check your step target for the day.

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Kiss Fitness June Exercise Challenge 2014 StepitupJune

Total steps is 213400 which is roughly 10 miles, 10 miles of extra walking throughout the month! 

Go from sedentary to very active, our challenge starts in the sedentary range which most people will be able to achieve without much additional effort. The step targets increase at 150 extra steps each day for the first week, 200 for the 2nd week, 250 for the 3rd week, 500 on the 4th week and a 1000 jump on the 5th week.

By the end of the challenge you’ll be in the range where very active people are considered to be. So get that pedometer out and get stepping.

Join in the conversation & get motivated, tag your efforts on Twitter #StepitUp