11 Benefits of Personal Training

Personal training is a great choice for anyone wanting to achieve any health & fitness related goal, whether to it’s to be able to run 10km, climb a mountain or simply change shape, size and look and feel better. Sure, many of these things can be achieved from working out by yourself or going to the gym. The truth is we often need a little help, our professional personal trainers can guide you through to your end goal safely and effectively 

benefits why personal training and especially mobile personal training is a great choice, for anyone!


1. Flexible & Convenient, we come to you

Unlike a gym, you don’t have to waste time driving to the gym because the our mobile personal trainers will come to you, it could be at your home, place of work or you might meet your trainer in a local park. we offer flexibility to fit around your lifestyle, no opening times. Just syncing diaries.

2. Non intimidating, professional & friendly

Contrary to popular belief personal trainers don’t shout at you pushing you through a sweaty workout until you can’t walk. Our trainers have excellent social skills, they’ll adapt to each client, to their way of learning, the trainer will learn what you respond to and what you don’t. It’s time to drop the stereotypes!

3. Educational, you’ll learn loads about exercise & diet

Your trainer has huge amounts of knowledge, they stay on top of their game with continual professional development, always learning. Likewise so are you! Your trainer is not a dictator, they’ll educate you in exercise. They’ll teach you perfect technique , they’ll teach you new exercises, they’ll help you eat healthy. Our trainers are here to share their knowledge with you and ensure you reach your goals.

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4. Accountability & Motivation, stop procrastinating

Absolutely one of the key ingredients of personal training is the accountability factor, if you have someone to report to, your much more likely to do it! Just like at work, if your boss wants you to do something, then you’re more likely to do it.

When you buy into personal training, you for sure are getting sessions with your trainer but you are also getting a personal trainer. You’ll be able to contact them, ask question and get advice. They’ll keep you motivated and on target towards your goals.

5. Personally Planned Programme, hit your goals

A long term plan to take you to your goal. You don’t need to worry about your training programme, your trainer will plan each phase towards your goal building through appropriate stages of intensity, all geared towards your likes, fitness level, space & equipment available.

6. Nutritional Advice, learn how to eat healthy

Half the story is working out and the other half is eating healthy, your trainer will help you adjust your eating habits, balance your food & fluid portions. Bad habits and areas for improvement will be identified. We will teach you to live a healthy balanced lifestyle.

7. Correct Technique & Form, get it right every time

Anyone can follow an exercise program however it’s often difficult to ascertain if you are performing an exercise with correct technique, often this will lead to injury and worsen your results. Your personal trainer will constantly monitor your technique and form on every exercise. If it needs adjusting, you’ll get queued and shown where you are going wrong.

Executing exercise with perfect technique maximizing effectiveness and reduces the risk of injury.

8. Sports Specific Training, progress in your sport

Want a better golf swing, want more strength climbing, want to be able to play football for 90 minutes? Whatever your sport or hobby, a personal trainer can provide you with the tailored exercises to help you with specific movement patterns and training techniques specific to your sporting requirements.

9. Results, clear goals

Yes, results! That’s what you’re looking for and with the support of your trainer who’ll be providing all of the above benefits and more, with a little self discipline and willingness you’ll reach the goals you’ve set with your trainer. Then, you’ll need to find new ones.

It’ll help you

10. Develop a routine, start a lifestyle change

We’re powered by habit, what we do, when we do it and why. Following a structured programme will encourage you to change current habits replacing with habits that’ll help you reach your goals. Following a programme with your trainer will be a routine but being able to continue when their not there is key to lifelong lifestyle change.

11. Maximise Workout & Minimise Time, great time management

Workouts are not judged on time, their judged on effectiveness, going to the gym for an hour or going for a run for an hour might seem like you’re doing the right thing and yes the intention is good but often the execution and design is not. Following effective and specific workouts using advanced training techniques , you’ll achieve results faster and you’ll save time.

Utilising our Online Training System you’ll get detailed workouts to follow when you’re not with your trainer, designed and scheduled for you. (your homework!)

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