What does it mean to be a ‘Personal Trainer’

Even if you have never hired a personal trainer, it’s likely, you know what they do or have seen them running around a local park with clients or spotting a client in the gym. It’s fairly obvious what a personal trainer does, but what does it mean to be a personal trainer? What qualifications and training do they have? What makes them qualified to help you reach your goals and more importantly, why you should stay away from unqualified trainers.

What is a Personal Trainer?

From a client prospective hearing ‘Personal Trainer’ could almost be a generic term such as ‘Personal Fitness Trainer’, describing a job title rather than a level of professionalism and a qualification level.

To a fitness professional embarking on training clients for financial gain (professional) that is getting paid for the services provided, the trainer needs to be qualified, insured and maintain CPD (Continuing Professional development). like many other industries people might describe themselves as personal trainers without being properly qualified, for the consumer this represents a danger but there are systems and registers in place to provide confirmation of an individuals training and level of qualification. In the UK the government funded organisation that register qualified fitness professionals is The Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS). An industry body such as REPS checks individuals qualifications and ensures they are qualified, a member is provided with a card and a number that any prospective client or employer can check. This is the same in other counties including Australia via Fitness Australia and the European Union via EREPs (European Register of Exercise Professionals).

A personal Trainer is trained to deliver advanced programming to elicit desired gains in a safe and effective manor. Able to train in alternative environments they do not require a gym to carry out a personalized training programme. Personal trainers are driven by a passion for health, fitness and exercise and absorb fitness knowledge, exercise and the latest trends in the industry.

Becoming a Personal Trainer

In the UK, a variety of providers are available to deliver fitness related qualifications. Each qualification has a matching REPS level, this is the pre-requisite for registering with REPS at a particular level. 

All Personal Trainers who have completed a recognized personal trainer qualification and meet the criteria to work as a personal trainer will be able to register at level 3 with REPS, all professional personal trainers should be registered with REPS (if not, you should not hire them).

Typically most trainers start their career at level 2 obtaining a gym qualification or equivalent enabling them to safely conduct inductions in a gym environment and supervise fitness suites. As a stepping stone to the industry and the qualification framework fitness professional often continue to achieve personal training qualifications to enable them to register at level 3. It’s also possible for degree students to enter the REPS register at level 3 with a recognized degree course.

At level 4, trainers have specialized in certain areas such as weight loss, lower back pain etc. Trainers at level 4 would have completed a GP Referral qualification enabling them to administer a GP Referral programme within the local community as this is a prerequisite to enter the register at Level 4.

Additional Professional Memberships

Although it is not a requirement for personal trainers to be registered with a professional body, for which The Register of Exercise Professionals is one, it is good practice as the trainers quantification are checked by a third party and provides confidence that the personal trainer is still active and practicing. There are also other professional bodies offering similar service for personal trainers, including;


  • A Personal trainer is a fitness professional with recognized qualifications and experience
  • All UK professional personal trainers should be REPS registered
  • All professional Personal Trainers should be fully insured (ask to see their insurance policy)

Personal Training with Kiss Fitness

Kiss Fitness personal trainers are Registered on the REPS register at least to level 3 and are fully insured. We select our trainers on our core values, their deliver exceptional quality sessions and service embracing our vision of keeping fitness simple, being professional and off course personal.
Our trainers specialize in Mobile Personal training, they do not use gym’s and are experts in training in alternative equipment with limited equipment. You can achieve your goals, at home, or local park with personal training providing we have a trainer in your area. If we don’t have a trainer in your area you can still benefit with our Online Personal Training service, provided by our mobile personal trainers you can get a bespoke training programme made especially for you with all workouts provided via our On-line Training App.

Professional Mobile Personal Training

We come to you, at your home or local park

Want to lose weight, tone up or drop a dress size, yet not a fan of the gym? Our professional personal trainers are fully mobile, they’ll bring all the equipment needed, ready to deliver your bespoke exercise programme tailored to your likes & dislikes. Whether it’s to lose weight, tone up, run a marathon or simply get in shape, personal training can help you achieve your goals. 

You’ll get access to our on-line training app, this is also where additional workouts will be provided for you outside of one to one training sessions, your sessions are managed through our on-line booking system and you’ll be able to schedule, check up coming sessions and check your account at any time. After you FREE initial consultation your trainer will provide you with a unique Health MOT score from the assessments taken at the consultation. This report is provided free regardless if you choose to continue your personal training journey or not.

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