January 2015 Exercise Challenge #Plankawayjanuary


Are you ready to get you fitness plans for the new year started! Whatever your fitness resolutions for the new year, add this challenge into the mix for daily inspiration and a challenge to keep you focused throughout January, plus keep with us, we have an new challenge every month.
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The plank is an excellent isometric exercise, it requires core stabilizers to fire to maintain body & spinal alignment. 
This challenge is staggered & progressively increases in time throughout the month. You’ll end up holding a plank for 1 minute 50 seconds which is enough for most of us, any more is likely to cause undue stress and not likely to be any more effective. If you find the plank exercise easy, increase intensity by adding instability by placing you feet on a BOSU or balance pod or feet or arms on a fitness ball etc. Get creative and up the intensity. 

Total Plank time of over 25 minutes which is still shy of the world record for holding an Abdominal Plank Position as recorded by the Guinness Book of Records. The record is held by George Hood (USA), who made it to a staggering 3 hours 7 minutes and 15 seconds in Newport, KY, USA on 20 April 2013. See the record on the Official Guinness Word Records site.

Plank Challenge Target Guide #Plankawaychallenge

Download the plank time targets for each day of January, pin to your fridge and hit those plank times. 

Kiss Fitness January Plank Challenge 2015 Plankawayjanaury

The Plank Exercise

Key Points

  • Keep neutral spine alignment
  • Maintain straight line through shoulders, hips, knees & ankles
  • Maintain abdominal tension
  • Remember to breath


Half Plank from Knees Exercise
Half Plank (from knees)

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Plank on forearms Exercise
Plank on Forearms

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Straight Arm Plank Exercise
Plank with Straight Arms

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Challenge yourself this January and don’t forget to join in the conversation with hash tag #plankAwayJanuary

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