Feburpee Exercise Challenge 2016

Welcome to the #Feburpee 2016 exercise challenge, the Kiss Fitness monthly challenge for February is #FEBURPEE, and yes, you guessed it! It features one of the old time greats in body weight & functional training, the BURPEE. Commonly unpopular with exercise participants due to it’s demanding nature and loved by personal trainers due to it’s excellent full body activation and effectiveness. If you already know what a burpee is, it likely bring tears to your eyes and for those that don’t, you are in for a treat. This one is a full body calorie busting exercise you’ll love and hate at the same time.

All our monthly challenges we have variations for all fitness and ability levels so do not be put off, our monthly challenges are all about getting you moving on a regular basis. We have the Beginner Burpee for the newbies, the Regular Burpee for a little more intensity and the Full Burpee with a Press Up for the ultimate calorie destruction.

Why is it called a Burpee

Great question, all thanks to one guy i’m afraid. That’s right, you can blame someone for this one. Check out our Blog Post on‘Why it’s Called a Burppee’

If this sounds daunting, do not worry, there are variations for all ability and fitness levels.

Join us this February, putting the burp into Feburpee, simply download, print out the target sheet below, follow us on Twitter, facebook & Instagram to stay up to date with the daily target and regular motivation, use hashtag #Feburpee and let us know how you get on. 

Kiss Fitness February Burpee Challenge 2016 Feburpee

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Choose your levels of intensity from beginner to advanced and jump to it, Burpee Style!

The Burpee

The burpee is a fundamental compound exercise activating many muscle groups, The exercise combines a Squat, A SQUAT THRUST, a PLANK and an EXPLOSIVE SQUAT (or Squat Jump) into one movement making it extremely dynamic and functional.

If looking at the movement pattern your unsure of how to safely perform it or have never done much exercise before, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the SQUAT, a push pattern exercise, from here you can progress to the beginner burpee.

Beginner Burpee

To start, adopt a ‘Squat’ stance with feet at about hip width apart and soft knees, squat down to the floor, placing your hands on the floor in front of you, first take one leg back, then the other so you hold a plank position before bringing one leg back and then the other and push through the floor to return to a standing position.

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Regular Burpee

To start, adopt a ‘Squat’ stance with feet at about hip width apart and soft knees, squat down to the floor, placing your hands on the floor and hop both feet backwards to perform a Squat Thrust, that is, a double hop back to a Plank position. Now hop both feet forwards again bring your knees up towards your chest, now perform an explosive push through the floor to drive yourself into a squat jump making sure your feet leave the floor.

Half Plank (from knees)

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Full Burpee with Press Up

As with the regular burpee, this time once you get into the plank position you’re going to do a press up and explosively press out of it to complete the burpee as normal.

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Why it’s called a Burpee

If you’ve ever done a Burpee, you know exactly what it is! or, have erased it from your memory. An exercise that makes you cringe when you hear it, has to have something going for it. If you’ve not heard or done a Burpee before then, you’re in for a treat…

What is a Burpee?

The Burpee is a popular exercise that consists of a squat, squat thrust, plank and squat jump. To perform you would stand with feet hip-width apart, squat down to the floor placing your hands on the floor and kick both legs back so you end up in a plank position with straight arms, jump both feet back and push through the floor into a jump so that your feet leave the floor.
There are many variations of the Burpee with the most popular variant is what the marines affectionately refer to as ‘bastards’ the exercise is performed as described above with the addition of a push up once in the plank position.

Why are they called Burpees!

Nope! Not because they make you burp though is likely they could. The Burpee exercise was put together as a fitness test. Its origin is from the 1930’s and named after Royal H Burpee who earned a PhD in applied physiology from Columbia University in 1940 and created the “burpee” exercise as part of his PhD thesis. Fundamentally as a quick way to assess the fitness of a person, it was soon widely used by the US Military as their fitness testing protocol.

The Burpee Exercise as Depicted in the February 1944 edition of Popular Science

The Burpee (an extract from Popular Science February 1944)

Today, the variants are vast. Popular with Cross Fit, Personal Trainers and Functional Training Gym’s and Studios, this exercise is known worldwide.

Kiss Fitness captures the love for Burpees with our monthly #Feburpee challenge which runs throughout the month of February every year.


Do I Need a Personal Trainer?

Are you thinking about getting a personal trainer, or maybe know someone that has a personal trainer? Probably the first thing you associate with when you hear the word ‘personal trainer’ is ‘money’ along with phrases like ‘she must have money’ and ‘how much will that cost?’

Well that’s quite a normal response, personal training after all is something of a luxury, it’s something we ‘could’ live without although something we might ‘want’ and also can be something that we ‘need.

So, do you need a personal trainer?

As a really simple answer, I am going to say YES! unless you didn’t want one or care for the benefits then anyone could benefit from the services a personal trainer can provide. However few people will actually enlist the services of a personal trainer due to cost, time, self confidence or other barriers. 

Why a personal trainer, why not the gym?

Most people will believe they can achieve the same results you would gain from hiring a personal trainer by getting a gym membership and although many people can motivate themselves, make themselves regular programmes and stick to their plan, the truth is most of us don’t seem to be able to keep it going. Take the January rush for example, everyone starts with great intentions but less than a month down the line and they have already dropped off the wagon so to speak.
Most gym’s are essentially sales rooms, they have a bunch of high end cardio kit such as treadmills with TV’s in, Cross Trainers, Power Plates and the like. These are all great but the truth is, most of us won’t need or use it, it’s just there to get you to sign the direct debit form.
A personal trainer is a specialist in exercise, creating programmes for use in almost any environment with any piece of equipment, they know exercises inside out and are fully capable of building exercises, sessions and programmes around your likes, space available and your ultimate goal.

You WILL workout

This is quite an important one, many people who attend a gym on a regular basis could probably achieve the same thing in half the time, mainly due to the time they waste while they are there, from fiddling with their iPod to watching the TV, talking to other gym members and sometimes it looks as though these people don’t work out at all. Now, we know people exercise and attend gyms for different reasons and if it’s for social reasons or something else then go for it, however if you have a GOAL, you’ll get more done with a personal trainer because they won’t let you waste time, because it’s both your’s and theirs, and you’ve paid for it, they want you to get the most out of it.
The difference is; if you go to a gym, you might NOT workout that well and if a personal trainer comes to you, you WILL workout. Not only will you workout, it will be a well constructed workout designed to reach your goals, it will be safe and enjoyable and technique will always be corrected.
It’s time to think different, don’t ring round local gyms just Google a personal trainer in your area, that’s where you’ll find them (the ones that want to be found anyway)
Check out our service areas to see if we have a trainer near you and if not, try out our Online Personal Training service delverd from our expert personal trainers.

Making your January Resolution an Achievable Goal

Maybe you do and maybe you don’t, maybe it’s a waste of time and maybe it’s just hopeful thinking but either way, with the right thought process, making new years resolutions can be the difference between starting and not starting. If you never start, you’ll never know.

Sometimes making a new years resolutions can seem like hopes and dreams and if you don’t stick to it, then ‘oh well’. The key is to turn your resolution into a definitive goal, it needs to be;

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable 
  • Realistic & Relevant
  • Time Framed


Business Owners in the health & fitness industry benefit from the ‘January Get Fit’ resolutions. Gyms get a massive influx of new members, personal trainers sign up new hopeful clients and sports retailers rake in the cash from the purchasing of running gear. In fact the health & fitness industry is notorious for the increase in sales & sign ups and it’s very hard to keep all these new people.

Some will stay and achieve their goal and likely they had a goal, they had a plan and they stuck to it. The rest of us fall of the wagon with little effort to jump back on. You become a statistic at your gym on the ‘non attendance’ report while they continue to collect your Direct Debit each month. Your brand new running gear never gets to go for a run again and that dreaded fitness ball gets deflated and put back in the cupboard.

Let’s not make the same mistakes again, and again. Turn your new years resolution in to a goal you’ll hit.

Step 1 – be SPECIFIC

It’s no good setting a goal if it’s only in your head, in order to start the thought process and necessary ACTIONS that must follow to achieve your goal, it must be clear, prominent and you must be constantly reminded of your goal. So, get a pen and write down all your goals you want to achieve, split them if you like into personal and business and put them somewhere you’ll see them daily. If you prefer, you could make a digital version but make sure it’s prominent and not burred in a file you’ll not see for sometime.

Make your goal SPECIFIC, E.G I want to lose 1 stone. NOT; I want to lose weight. remember your goal must be specific, pin down exactly what it is you want.

Step 2 – make it MEASURABLE

Many goals or resolutions can have a variety of ways they could be achieved, some might be more effective than others, some might be quicker, some cheaper, some more expensive or some just better suited to YOU. Get this part right and pick the path that ultimately will lead you to your goal.

Can you quantify progress along your goal, can it be MEASURED? Goals that can not be measured are very hard to achieve and likely are not an achievable goal.

If you want to lose 1 stone, then your measurable factor could be weighing yourself or calculating your body fat percentage (this part comes back to the specific goal setting at the start, is it that you want to lose weight overall or do you want to lose ‘x’ amount of body fat?

Step 3 – Make it ACHIEVABLE

Now you know what your goals or resolutions are, you need to PLAN how you will achieve them. There will be things that need to be done to get them started, to get the ball rolling. It might be giving someone a call, sending an email, registering for a product or service for help.

Identifying stages that need to be achieved along the path to your goal will help you decide whether or not it’s actually ACHIEVABLE. If it’s not achievable, at least for now you’ll need to set a more acheivable goal which you and others around you agree you can reach.

If your goal is to lose 1 stone and you have never been that weight or lost that much before, this could be harder to achieve. Make it something you CAN achieve. I want to lose half a stone might be more achievable for you.

Step 4 – Check it’s REALISTIC and RELEVANT

You goal should not be a pipe dream, I’m not saying don’t set yourself outrageous goals, I’m saying for a REALISTIC new years resolution that you want to turn into a definitive goal it has to be realistic. For example, wanting to compete in the next Olympics for someone who has never trained before is not realistic (not impossible) just not realistic. Therefore you might want to set your goal as, to excel at the 200 meters at a national level. This does not rule out your outrageous goal, in fact it takes you along the path to getting there but it’s much more realistic.

Step 4 – Set a DEADLINE, make it TIME FRAMED

Being specific as to when you want to achieve your goal is one of the key factors that turns your resolution into a goal, for example ‘ I want to lose 1 stone in 4 months’. By adding a time or date to achieve your goal your have made it TIME FRAMED

“the difference between a goal & a dream is a deadline” 

Don’t just want it, want it by a certain time, you’ll be much more likely to achieve it and deadlines motivate us all. If your teacher/lecturer asked you to write an essay and hand it in when it’s done! It might not ever get done, if they said hand it in by next week, the chances of it getting down have improved countless times.

Get out there and make your new years resolution a goal, if you have a fitness related goal, get in contact with us at Kiss Fitness to find out about On-line Personal Training.



Exercising in the COLD burns more calories

Your body burns more calories in cold weather environments as it tries to maintain it’s core temperature.

Whether you are going for a run, walk, cycle, snowboarding or skiing, any cold weather activity will burn more calories compared with exercise in environments closer to your core body temperature as your body constantly burns calories to raise your body temperature as well as dealing with the demand placed upon it by exercise.

Changes to Turn Up & Ur In Draws

We have made some changes to our Turn Up & Ur In Draw which enables all attendees of our group exercise and personal training sessions a chance to win free Kiss Fitness Points. We have up to now been giving away two 2500 Kiss Fitness points prizes.

We have made some changes to provide more prizes, our new draw now has 16 prizes, 8 for personal training and 8 for group exercise.

You can find out more about this here