#AprilAbs Monthly Exercise Challenge 2018

The Kiss Fitness monthly exercise challenge for April is one for the core, this challenge has two exercises each day, one to target the upper abdominals and one to target the lower abdominals. All you need is a few minutes each day and a little motivation, we will get you into the habit of doing a little exercise every day. The challenge is progressive and really very simple, just going up by one rep each day. The two exercises will only take a little time to complete. Our challenges are designed to keep you active and working, NOT to provide ridiculously hard workouts, participation is what’s important.

Each exercise has progressive variations to suit your fitness and ability level.

This exercise challenge will work your abdominal muscles every day, building strength and stamina and improving your core stability. The abdominals have an important role in everyday life should not be understated, they help support your trunk, protect your lower back and enable you to go about your day. A sound core will ensure you are able to perform at your best, prevent injury and enable you to do manual tasks without fatigue. Of course, working your stomach area comes with aesthetic results too once body fat is reduced.

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Starts 1st April 2018

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Equipment Needed

Test your progress

To test how we get on throughout the month and how well you’ve progressed, it’s a good idea to perform a simple sit-up test. It would be helpful to recruit a friend or loved one to help you time your effort and keep count. All you need to do is set a timer to one minute and perform as many repetitions of a full sit-up exercise as you can within the minute. If you feel pain during the test or are unable to continue, stop and record the number you achieved.

Repeat the test at the end of the month to check how much progress you have made.

Scoring the Challenge

The challenge is split into 3 levels for which you can score your progress, you don’t need to keep to one level, You can mix & match and go up or down a level. Each level has a score associated with it, use the free-scoring sheet available for download below to track your progress and tally your total score for the month

You get either 1,2 or 3 points for the target level and either 1, 2 or 3 points for the exercise variation. That’s a maximum of ‘6’ per day, minimum of ‘2’ unless you skip a day in which case it would be ‘0’.

Download Scoring Sheet

e.g, if you choose the LEVEL 2 target Guide and Level 2 Exercise Level of  Bent Knee Crunch with Hands Behind Head and Bent Knee Leg Lower you will get two points for the targets achieved and two points for the exercise variation for a grand total of four points for the day, simple.

NOTE: You can choose level 1 target with level 3 exercise level or any other combination, use the scoring sheet to track each day. 

Challenge Design

The April Abs challenge has been put together as a simple ascending pyramid design programme with reps going up at a steady rate of one per day for both Crunches & Leg Lowers, don’t be fooled by its simplicity. The goal of these challenges is to get you moving and doing a little something every day. The willpower required to get yourself doing these exercise will often be greater than the effort required to do them.

AprilAbs Target Chart 2018

Your Daily Target Guide

Choose your target guide for the month or mix and match, for easy reference to all levels, download the scoring sheet.

Level 1 – Easy

April Abs 2018 Easy

Level 2 – Hard

April Abs 2018 Moderate

Level 3 – Hard

April Abs 2018 Hard

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To start, lie on your back in the supine position with your legs bent and feet flat on the floor about hip-width apart.

  • Choose arm the position for chosen intensity.
  • From this position contract, your abdominal muscles lifting your head shoulders and mid-back off the floor, 
  • Hold this position for a second or two at the top and slowly resist as you lower yourself back to the floor.
  • Remember not to thrust your upper body up off the floor.

Easy – Bent Knee Crunch with Hands Cross Chest

Bent Knee Crunch with Hand Cross Chest


Intermediate – Bent Knee Crunch with Hands Behind Head

 Bent Knee Crunch with Hands Behind Head

Hard – Bent Knee Crunch with Hands Overhead

Bent Knee Crunch with Hands Overhead

Leg Lower

To start, lie on your back in the supine position with your legs bent and feet flat on the floor about hip-width apart. You will now raise one or both legs up off the floor and maintain a 90-degree angle or straighten fully depending on the level of intensity you require. 

  • Focus on lowering towards the floor slowly & under control
  • Maintain abdominal tension
  • Remember to breath

Level 1 Easy – Unilateral Bent Knee Leg Lower

 Level 1 Easy Unilateral Bent Knee Leg Lower

Level 2 Moderate – Bent Knee Leg Lower

Level 2 Moderate Bent Knee Leg Lower

Level 3 Hard – Streight Leg Lower

Level 3 Hard Streight Leg Lower