Spotty Dog May 2018 Exercise Challenge #SpottyDogMay

Welcome to the Kiss Fitness Spotty Dog May Exercise Challenge, this daily challenge for May features the Spotty Dog Exercise, an underutilised exercise, a full body movement that recruits multiple muscle groups, and it gets the heart going & burns calories. It’s simple yet effective and is much harder than it looks. You won’t see many challenges for Spotty Dogs because they aren’t seen to be ‘tough’ enough, however. We can assure you these little switch jumps are a full body metabolic exercise. 

This challenge is progressive, and the daily target will challenge you throughout the month, but most importantly it will keep you moving and get you into the habit of exercising regularly. You can do this challenge in your PJ’s. However, you might want to put a sports bra on!

Follow the daily target level this May and stay active and kick-start losing those last few pounds before summer.

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Starts 1st May 2018

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About the Challenge

The Spotty Dog challenge has been set out as a periodized pyramid with reps going up, falling and returning higher than the previous high. This programming helps us build endurance within our training, and it’s an excellent way to demonstrate prioritisation programming. The chart below clearing shows the periodized pyramids of the challenge as it progresses through the month.

Spotty Dog May Chart 2018

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What is a Spotty Dog?

The Spotty Dog exercise is a variation of a Jumping Jack (Star Jump) perform in the sagittal plane as opposed to the frontal plane and includes an alternating arm/leg action for a full body metabolic exercise. The exercise starts with your feet in a split stance and consists of switching from this position to the opposite while arms follow in a forward/backward movement within the sagittal plane.

Spotty Dog Exercise

Warm Up as you go

It’s important to warm up however for this quick challenge there is no need for a lengthy warm-up, just start the first 20 reps or so at a steady pace until warm and pick the pace up if you feel comfortable.

Scoring the Challenge

The challenge is split into three levels for which you can score your progress; you don’t need to keep to one level, You can mix & match and go up or down a level. Each level has a score associated with it, use the free-scoring sheet available for download below to track your progress and tally your total score for the month

You get either 1,2 or 3 points depending on which level you achieve, that’s a maximum of ‘3’ per day, minimum of ‘1’ unless you skip a day in which case it would be ‘0’.

Download Scoring Sheet

Spotty Dog May Target Guide

Level 1 – Easy

Level 1 is our beginner SPOTTY DOG challenge for those either to new to the Spotty Dog exercise or exercise as a whole. The beginner level will be challenging yet achievable for this ability and skill level.

  • Total Monthly Reps = 125
  • Lowest Daily Reps = 30
  • Highest Daily Reps = 2300
Kiss Fitness May Challenge 2018 SpottyDogMay EASY
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Level 2 – Moderate

Level 2 represents our intermediate level for this SPOTTY DOG challenge if you have previous experience of the Spotty Dog exercise and of moderate fitness level, this would be a suitable level for you.

  • Total Monthly Reps = 250
  • Lowest Daily Reps = 60
  • Highest Daily Reps = 4600
Kiss Fitness May Challenge 2018 SpottyDogMay MODERATE
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Level 3 – Hard

Level 3 assumes you are familiar with the SPOTTY DOG exercise and have a good fitness level. If you regularly participate in physical exercise, this is the challenge level for you.

  • Total Monthly Reps = 6900
  • Lowest Daily Reps = 90
  • Highest Daily Reps = 375 

Kiss Fitness May Challenge 2018 SpottyDogMay HARD

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Exercise Guide

One rep of the Spotty Dog exercise is a complete back and forward movement, essentially you count either when you left, or right foot returns to the front as one rep.
  • Start in an upright position with core active, looking forwards. Stand with feet in a split stance one foot forward and one foot back.
  • Your arms and legs will work in opposites and will feel like a natural movement. 
  • Switch your feet from front to back while raising your arms up to about shoulder height.
  • Keep your core active throughout, keeping upright with good posture and neutral spine alignment.

Arm & Leg Sync

Here we have explained to perform this exercise with an alternate leg to the arm. However, this is not essential, Try the exercise and see what rhythm is most comfortable for you, as long as it feels comfortable and you can perform the activity safely, that is fine.



  • This challenge and exercise are unsuitable if you have bad knees, hips or recently had surgery in these areas.
  • If at any point you feel pain, you should stop immediately. If you are unsure about taking part in a regular exercise programme or activity, you should first consult your GP

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