Why you should keep a food diary

Most of us at some point in our lives have been on a diet. You may be on one now. The majority of us know what it is like to be on a diet. The constant hunger, thinking about food, the cravings of restricted food groups, the counting of calories etc., but does it have to be like this?

If you have been on a diet plan, and let’s face it there are a lot out there, you may have kept a food diary for a week or two when you started the plan, and it’s all new and exciting, this time it’s going to work!
The familiarity of the diet sets in and the food diary that was once your oracle get puts to one side and forgotten about because you know the new regime that you have subjected yourself to, sound familiar?
A food diary helps to begin with and keeps you on track. The weight comes off, and you are feeling great, this diet is the one that is going to get you to your goal! But then after a few weeks, the weight loss drops off or slows down and maybe plateaus and you don’t know why.
Well, you do know why! You stopped writing down everything that you were consuming and slowly you have introduced new things that are only a nibble here and there, or adding in extra food in the day (sometimes without you even remembering or being aware you are doing so).
Food diaries work for a reason – they monitor everything that goes into your body (if you are honest!) All those hidden calories that you had no idea you were consuming.
Having kept a food diary myself for many weeks, I know that it works. I didn’t change my eating habits; I didn’t substitute food, I didn’t miss out any food groups, I just wrote down everything I ate, and guess what…… the weight came off! I didn’t go to a weekly meeting and pay someone a small fortune to weigh me or tell me what I should or shouldn’t be eating; I didn’t follow a restrictive eating regime. I ate all the food groups, every day!
If you monitor what you eat, you will realise what you are eating and see where your calories are being used up. It also makes you think about what you are eating before you eat it! It can also act as a good indicator of what foods you may be missing out of your diet. You will be surprised, but most people think they overeat when actually, evaluating a diary shows that they are not consuming enough! Fact.
Try a food diary for yourself and see if it makes a difference to your routine, see if it works, you may surprise yourself.

Download the Kiss Fitness Food Diary below for FREE

Download the Kiss Fitness weekly food diary below for FREE, use it to write down everything you eat and drink in a week. If you want it evaulated, let us know.

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Kiss Fitness personal trainers don’t get their clients to count calories, they monitor food groups, portion size and ensure a balanced diet. Whether a Mobile client or Online you too can benefit from keeping a food diary, exercise and living a healthy lifestyle.

Step it UP June Exercise Challenge 2018 #StepitUpJune

Getting fit and healthy is not complicated, we need to move, get active and what better way than walking. The lighter evenings and longer days give us more time to take in our beautiful surroundings and explore a little more. This month’s Kiss Fitness exercise challenge is going to help us be more active by walking more & taking more steps. Get outside and enjoy the longer days with our June step challenge.

The Challenge

Each day during June, we’ll be increasing the number of steps we do slowly but surely, you can check the target each day and hit your goal, You’ll need to start finding more ways to be active such as parking further away from your destination, walking whenever you can and taking the stairs
Your daily step target in this challenge should be considered a ‘minimum’ if you hit it, excellent but keep on stepping!

Go from sedentary to very active; our challenge starts in the sedentary range which most people will be able to achieve without much additional effort.

By the end of the challenge, you’ll be in the range where very active people are considered to be. So get that pedometer out and get stepping.

This challenge can be adapted depending on your current base level of daily activity; the step target is the base range aimed at those who are sedentary if you are already active continually apply the multiplier below to the base step target to find your new step target.

Step It Up June Target Chart

How to take part in this Challenge

How to Track your Steps

Tracking your steps is relatively simple, all you need is a simple pedometer available from Amazon, an activity tracker such as Fitbit or Jawbone or just your phone!


Basic but they do the job just fine, you can pick one up on Amazon for under a £10, and even the best ones won’t cost much more than £20.

Using your smartphone

The latest smartphones have accelerometers and GPS, they have the basic functionality to ascertain when you are moving, running and when connected to an activity app just as Map My Walk provide accurate steps and distance. 
To get started, download an activity tracking apps such as Google Fit or Run Keeper and your phone will be able to track your steps throughout the day. The only problem is that you do need to have your phone on you all the time, for most of us out phones rarely leaves our side but could be difficult depending on your job.

Activity Tracker

Activity trackers allow you to track your steps constantly via a small device, either clipped to your clothing, bra or worn around your wrist. Trackers such as Fitbit & Jawbone to mention a couple will sync to their native apps or 3rd party tracking app allowing accurate tracking of your daily steps. Fitbit makes activity tracking easy and automatic, or Jawbone offers attractive looking bands.

What is your Current Activity Level

This exercise challenge has progressions depending on your current exercise and activity level, if you a new to exercise and sedentary, you will be fine to start on the base level target guides. Read the statements below to see which activity level you are and therefore which challenge targets you should follow.

Activity Level
Activity Level Description
Multiplication Factor
You lead a sedentary lifestyle with little to no regular exercise or activity.
Mild Activity Level
You undergo Intensive exercise for at least 20 minutes 1 to 3 times per week. If you do not exercise regularly, but you maintain a busy lifestyle that requires you to walk frequently for long periods, you meet the requirements of this level.
Moderate Activity Level
You undergo Intensive exercise for at least 30 to 60 minutes 3 to 4 times per week.
Heavy or (Labour Intensive) Activity Level
You undergo intensive exercise for 60 minutes or greater 5 to 7 days per week and/or you have a labour-intensive job also.
Extreme Level
You are exceedingly active and/or very participate in  demanding activities:  Examples include:  
  1. athlete with an almost unstoppable training schedule with multiple training sessions throughout the day  
  2. very demanding job, such as shoveling coal or working long hours on an assembly line.
Generally, this level of activity is very difficult to achieve

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Scoring the Challenge

The Strep It Up June challenge is split into five levels for which you can score your progress; you don’t need to keep to one level, You can mix & match and go up or down a level. Each level has a score associated with it, use the free-scoring sheet available for download below to track your progress and tally your total score for the month. You will score yourself either 1,2 or 3 points depending on which level you achieve, that’s a maximum of ‘5’ per day, minimum of ‘1’ unless you skip a day in which case it would be ‘0’.

Download Scoring Sheet (includes targets)

Target Guide

Download, print off and keep the guide handy, pin it to your fridge and check your step target for the day.

Follow us on facebook & twitter for daily updates and target reminders.

Download Target Guides


Kiss Fitness June Exercise Challenge 2018 StepitUPJune SEDENTARY

{rsfiles path=”exercisechallenges/stepitupjune/Kiss Fitness June Exercise Challenge 2018 StepitUPJune SEDENTARY.pdf”}


Kiss Fitness June Exercise Challenge 2018 StepitUPJune MILD

{rsfiles path=”exercisechallenges/stepitupjune/Kiss Fitness June Exercise Challenge 2018 StepitUPJune MILD.pdf”}


Kiss Fitness June Exercise Challenge 2018 StepitUPJune MODERATE

{rsfiles path=”exercisechallenges/stepitupjune/Kiss Fitness June Exercise Challenge 2018 StepitUPJune MODERATE.pdf”}


Kiss Fitness June Exercise Challenge 2018 StepitUPJune HEAVY

{rsfiles path=”exercisechallenges/stepitupjune/Kiss Fitness June Exercise Challenge 2018 StepitUPJune HEAVY.pdf”}


Kiss Fitness June Exercise Challenge 2018 StepitUPJune EXTREAME
{rsfiles path=”exercisechallenges/stepitupjune/Kiss Fitness June Exercise Challenge 2018 StepitUPJune EXTREAME.pdf”}

Step Targets with Multiplication Factor Applied

Day Sedentary Mild Moderate Heavy Extreme
Multiplication Factor 0 1.375 1.55 1.7 1.9
1 4000 5500 6200 6800 7600
2 4200 5775 6510 7140 7980
3 4400 6050 6820 7480 8360
4 4600 6325 7130 7820 8740
5 4800 6600 7440 8160 9120
6 5000 6875 7750 8500 9500
7 5200 7150 8060 8840 9880
8 5500 7562.5 8525 9350 10450
9 5800 7975 8990 9860 11020
10 6100 8387.5 9455 10370 11590
11 6400 8800 9920 10880 12160
12 6700 9212.5 10385 11390 12730
13 7000 9625 10850 11900 13300
14 7300 10037.5 11315 12410 13870
15 7700 10587.5 11935 13090 14630
16 8100 11137.5 12555 13770 15390
17 8500 11687.5 13175 14450 16150
18 8900 12237.5 13795 15130 16910
19 9100 12512.5 14105 15470 17290
20 9500 13062.5 14725 16150 18050
21 9900 13612.5 15345 16830 18810
22 10400 14300 16120 17680 19760
23 10900 14987.5 16895 18530 20710
24 11400 15675 17670 19380 21660
25 11900 16362.5 18445 20230 22610
26 12400 17050 19220 21080 23560
27 12900 17737.5 19995 21930 24510
28 13400 18425 20770 22780 25460
29 14400 19800 22320 24480 27360
30 15400 21175 23870 26180 29260
251800 346225 390290 428060 478420

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Most apps now allow you to set up challenges so you can compete with your friends, why not set up a step challenge with your friends, a recent app which is almost specific to this purpose is Record by Under Armour.