Health MOT

Get a snapshot of your current health

This Kiss Fitness Heal MOT assessment provides you with a overview of your current health & well-being and can help predict your overall risk to common health & lifestyle problems including, type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease and obesity.. The Assessment is a set of simple checks & tests to ascertain if you are healthy or if there are areas you need to work on. The test procedure provides a standardise score which can easily be compared against previous and future MOT Health Assessment Tests. The benefit of the Health MOT is that it brings together a range of assessments into one unique score rather than relying on individual tests to provide an overall indicator to current health & wellness.

The MOT Health Test Structure

The test consist of assessments which provide a vital insight into your health & well- being. Using our unnique scoring system from the results of the infdivudual assesments we can ascertain a unique MOT score which can help predict pre-defined indicators of health risks as a collated result of all these assessments. The Test focuses on 4 main areas which are; body composition, blood pressure, lung function & body shape. The test has a maximum score of 50 and a minimum score of 10. A healthy subject will ideally have a score of 25 or higher, those that score less than this will have areas they will need to work on to increase their health and in some cases we may also refer you to a medical practitioner. Athlete – a score of 45-50This is an excellent score typical of well conditioned athletes.Very Healthy – a score of 35-44This score represents a subject of excellent overall health.Healthy – a score of 25-34A score in this range represents satisfactory health or low risk.Poor Health – a score of 15-24Subjects in this range should act immediately to increase their overall health.Health Risk – a score of 10 to 14Immediate action is required, this range indicates a high health risk

The health assessment forms part of our initial personal training consultation, during the consultation process, your personal trainer will perform a set of basic health assessments focusing on; body composition, blood pressure, lung function & body shape. You’ll be provided with a detailed report with your unique MOT score, the report breaks down your test results, providing information and specific feedback for each test.

What’s included?