About Us

Going to a gym every day just to get fit? It may be worthwhile but it is still a hassle, and possibly one of the reasons that many people become tired of pursuing their fitness goals. Kiss Fitness brings fitness so close to you, so you don’t have to go to it!

Kiss Fitness is a mobile personal training company, offering the best of health and fitness training right at your door with mobile personal training. This is fitness that is professional and proper in practice yet of full convenience and ease to you. We’re so focused on providing the most convenient of fitness solutions, we are based on a simple philosophy. We like keeping everything simple so that the actual fitness training gets the most focus!

Professional Personal Trainers at Your Door!

Be it your home, office, or a local park, Kiss Fitness has a team of professional and competent personal trainers to help you reach your goals. Your personal trainer will come to you equipped with the right equipment wherever you feel like training and help you get professional training & results..
Our trainers are also able to provide online personal training services for distance training with feature rich mobile apps & video calls. Many amongst our trainers also provide local group exercise sessions. So whatever suits your need, be it a personal session, a group session, or online training, we’ve got you covered.

All Kiss Fitness Personal trainers are fully insured to minimum £2,000,000 and maintain a membership with the Register Of Exercise Professionals (REPS), often our personal trainers also have additional professional memberships.

Keep It Simple Stupid

Kiss Fitness Simple StampThe foundations of our name & principles of business is “KISS”, we fully embrace the acronym “Keep It Simple, Stupid”, we apply this to every product, service, package & process we implement. Offering a complete package for all our services, we aim to enrich our customers & clients lives. From fundemental business operations to personal training at a cleints homes, we’re keeping it simple. 

We LOVE What we do

In order for you to get what you want, get results, achieve what your goals, your trainer needs to love what they do. They can not simply do it, it’s not enough! Our trainers get results because they LOVE their work, they are skilled, they are passionate, they are knowledgeable and they are, artists! Artists do great work!

We seek these type of trainers, true motivators who are able to transfer energy, passion and a sense of self worth through to the client. 


We provide overwhelming value via our mobile solution to fitness that is convenient and simple. Our personal trainers go to the client saving time and maximising workout effectiveness with the right gear, the best knowledge and the most passionate trainers.


We want to make the world fitter, healthier & happier, Simple!


Kiss Fitness and all its personal trainers work by ethos that suit us and our clients in the best way possible. These are:

  • Integrity: Honest work is what we look to deliver. We understand the importance of fitness and the absolute need of it that has risen due to the hectic, toxic times we live in. We are truly dedicated to enhancing fitness and give our all to any client we serve.
  • Simplicity: We like keeping things simple for you and reduce all hassles and inconveniences that we can. This works for us as well as our clients, helping us provide our services better and clients enjoy a hassle-free experience.
  • Discipline: Discipline is essential when it comes to health and fitness. Maintaining schedules, keeping up with a good pace, timely services, and the like all matter and help you attain the best of fitness, so we maintain discipline that our clients can shadow easily. At the end of day, we are dedicated to fitness and more importantly, your fitness. For any questions or concerns, contact Kiss Fitness today!