12 Week Kayak Fit Training Plan

The GET Kayak Fit Training Plan is a simple 3-phase program for getting Kayak Fit, increasing strength, stamina and flexibility in 12 short weeks.

Kayaking is a demanding sport requiring dynamic movements in multiple planes, good flexibility, power and strength in balance with endurance are essential for getting the most out of your kayaking.

Who is this plan for?

This Kayak-Fit training plan has been specifically designed for kayakers of all abilities and skill levels, it is designed to complement any existing kayaking you already do. It will increase strength and endurance in movement ranges and muscle groups that are specific to the activity of kayaking and help to reduce injury.

Who Designed the Training Plan?

The plan has been designed by Daniel Jeal, a level 3 Personal Trainer who has delivered over 4000 personal training sessions who is also a qualified kayak coach. Dan has used his specific knowledge of kayaking and fitness training to build an excellent kayaking programme to get you kayak-fit.

3-PHASE APPROACH to get YOU Kayak Fit

Your Overall Goal: Increase fitness, strength and stamina to be able to kayak better and more safely reducing the chances of injury.


  • Specific: Increase Strength & Flexibility in Sport Specific movements for Kayaking.
  • Measurable: Monthly Strength Tests & Flexibility Monitoring
  • Agreed: You’ve agreed you have the time & resources to reach your goal.
  • Realistic: 3 phase training plan will help you achieve goals in a realistic time frame.

Time Frame – 12 weeks with 3 Training Phases of 4 weeks each

Phase 1 – Basic Fitness (4 weeks)

Phase 2 – Building Functional Foundations (4 weeks)

Phase 3 – Kayaking Endurance, Strength & Core (4 weeks)


I’ll provide you with a training template and workouts you can follow after you finish the 12 weeks completely FREE.

ONGOING – Maintaining Kayaking Strength & Stamina

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